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Director of Marketing (2009-2010) Uncommon Schools New York

Director of Marketing (2009-2010)
Uncommon Schools
New York

Director of Marketing (2009-2010)

Uncommon Schools is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Uncommon builds uncommonly great schools by developing and managing regional networks that are philosophically aligned and highly accountable. Uncommon currently manages sixteen schools serving approximately 3,000 students in New York City, upstate New York, and Newark, New Jersey. Nine new schools will open within Uncommon in the fall of 2010. Uncommon will grow to include nearly 30 schools serving 8,000 students within five years and, ultimately, 33 schools, serving nearly 12,000 K to 12th grade students. Uncommon has achieved outstanding academic results based on internal assessments, statewide exams, and graduation milestones. Its schools consistently outperform their district schools and are among the highest-performing urban schools in their cities and states.

The Director of Marketing will oversee the Uncommon Schools brand both internally and externally. Working with a variety of constituents, s/he will manage communications, messaging, and branding as related to recruitment, human capital, development, facilities, etc. S/he will report to the Chief Operating Officer of Uncommon and will work closely with Uncommon’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Directors, Home-Office Directors, and school leaders.

The Director of Marketing will be based out of the Uncommon Schools Home Office. Projects include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Overseeing the comprehensive redesign and maintenance of Uncommon’s website;
• Managing internal and external messaging within all levels of the organization (including leadership transitions, new initiatives, advertising campaigns, e-newsletters, etc.);
• Managing talking points used with all constituents within Uncommon (including students, families, alumni, teachers, vendors, lenders, etc.); and
• Overseeing a comprehensive press and media strategy both nationally and within the regions in which Uncommon’s schools are based.

Specific Responsibilities
• Oversee the development of an interactive, constantly-evolving, compelling website to be completed within an aggressive timeline;
• Manage the execution and roll-out of Uncommon’s new website, including site testing, internal training, and maintenance;
• Manage internal staff and external support providers in the development and execution of Uncommon’s website; and
• Continue to revise and improve Uncommon’s website and on-line strategy and maintenance.

Press and Media Strategy
• Develop strong relationships with local and national media partners;
• Draft and distribute press releases regarding Uncommon’s success and developments;
• Coach and support Uncommon and school staff on press and media relations; and
• Manage information regarding Uncommon shared through the media.

External Relations
• Develop strong relationships with local and national partners, including media, suppliers, vendors, non-profit organizations, government agencies, etc.;
• Manage Uncommon’s advertising campaign, including executing competitive, compelling messaging for purposes of recruitment, development, and facilities acquisition;
• Manage Uncommon’s “story” and how information regarding Uncommon’s history and structure can and should be shared with varied external audiences; and
• Oversee the development of recruitment and development materials, including but not limited to, print advertisements, materials for mass distribution, etc.

Internal Relations
• Develop communications systems through which internal news is shared throughout Uncommon Schools; and
• Support and coach home office directors, leadership team members, and school leaders on internal communications.

1. Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:
• Passionate belief in the mission of Uncommon Schools;
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with demonstrated ability to speak and write clearly and persuasively;
• Excellent ability to influence and motivate opinionated and diverse audiences;
• Excellent ability to coach and support others, particularly those with content knowledge outside of one’s own area of expertise;
• Excellent organization, time management, problem-solving, and follow-up skills;
• Demonstrated ability to successfully handle multiple projects concurrently and within budget;
• Ability to work independently, with a team, and with a wide range of constituents;
• Ability to effectively influence and motivate internal and external constituents;
• 5-7 years of work experience; and
• A sense of urgency.

2. Minimum educational level:
• Bachelor’s degree required; Advanced degree preferred.

We offer a competitive compensation package including comprehensive health benefits.
If you are passionate about improving educational opportunities for historically underserved children and communities, please visit our website and apply online at

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin,
age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

How to Apply:
please visit our website and apply online at

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