Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NCAA Post-Graduate Internship Program (due Dec. 13)

The NCAA offers an annual 12 month paid internship experience that begins in June, held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The online application can be found at the provided link. The website currently provides other information of interest, so you are encourage to take a look. The application deadline is December 13. This program is a highly selective, paid internship experience with 19 available positions. Please contact Kimberly Ford at kford@ncaa.org or 317/917-6360 if you have questions. 

Program Timeline:

1. Application deadline - December 13

2. National office review and selection process - January

3. Interview process - February

4. Selection of 19 candidates - February/March

5. House hunting trip for selected candidates – April/May

6. New intern class begins – June

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