Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Healthcare Public Relations Internship

This is a position with Atlanta Pain Relief.

Job Responsibilities:
Assist the leading Atlanta Chiropractor market their services to Corporate and Church communities within Atlanta.

The position involves researching local contacts in the corporate environment and church community for participation in wellness programs.  

The job also entails calling Human Resource departments to schedule participation in company health fairs.

Your position would allow you to be a representative for local fairs and events.  You would also write media and press releases to local radio stations to obtain radio interviews, arranging logistics for each event with staff.

Job Skills:  Writing emails, telephone etiquette, creative, punctual, clear communicator, sales experience a plus, must be organized with ability to multi-task.

Job Salary: To be based upon experience and results.

Requirements: 12 hours a week, vehicle, scrub uniform. 

Site: Northwest Chiropractic
1526 Howell Mill Road Atlanta GA 30318

Contact: via email only drleanakart (at) hotmail (dot) com send cover letter with resume.


  1. Hello. This is Catherine Koonce, the Event Coordinator for the PRSSA chapter at Georgia State. I actually just came across your blog a few days ago. I have never heard of it. I see that you are involved, in some manner, with PRSA and PRSSA.

    I am wondering whom exactly runs this site? The officers of PRSSA @ Georgia State had never heard of it before a few days ago. Please email me.

  2. Hi Catherine. We have not met yet, but I am Dr. Natalie Tindall, a new faculty member at Georgia State University.

    All the professors were notified about the blog, and I have told my two classes about the blog. I am active in PRSA Georgia and very active at the national level of PRSA and the National Black Public Relations Society.