Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Job Opportunity: Community Organizing Director, Zones -- United Way of Atlanta (Georgia)

Title: Community Organizing Director, Zones
Salary: $48,699 - $62,700
Deadline: January 24, 2012

Manage and implement community engagement and capacity building efforts across all Opportunity Zones. Serves as a strategic link between United Way and Opportunity Zones and works to create an environment of shared vision, ownership and accountability. This person will integrate community organizing and building activities in order to facilitate change efforts within communities. Reports to the Managing Director of Community Engagement and work closely with Council on Opportunity Zones and other Community Engagement staff.
•Serves as a strategic link between United Way and the Zones and works to create an environment of shared vision, ownership and accountability for Opportunity Zone
•Lead and manage the community organizing and engagement efforts within United Way’s Opportunity Zone initiative for all Opportunity Zone communities
•Collaborate on the overall vision and priorities of Opportunity Zones
•Collaborate with Senior Director, Knowledge Development and Measurement on the integration of process and outcome assessments
•Manage and supervise staff with community organizing/community building responsibilities for Opportunity Zones –as well as any related interns and/or volunteers
•Collaborate to identify program priorities, gaps in implementation and assist with development and execution of the local Opportunity Zone strategic plan
•Build and maintain relationships with community organizations and work to identify leaders and emerging leaders who could actively champion the goals of the Opportunity Zones and help to achieve results
•Develop and coach leaders within each community by identifying and occasionally leading training workshops, assist with designing cross-site learning opportunities and facilitate implementation of other capacity building activities
•Conduct outreach to regional and local leaders (elected officials, business leaders and governmental agencies) about Opportunity Zones, its goals and approach
•Work in partnership with Managing Director and other Community Engagement staff (especially Network Leads) to identify potential for place-based work
•Partner with Senior Director, Knowledge Development and Measurement around readiness activities and build capacity of communities where place-based opportunities may be centered
•Prepare written reports, meeting summaries, and other materials to document overall process and results achieved
•Maintain accurate documentation of Opportunity Zone activities, progress in implementation and success towards creating a culture of collaboration
•Performs other job-related duties and responsibilities as assigned

•Bachelors degree with 3-5 years of community building and community organizing experience especially working with placed-based comprehensive change lead by collaboratives

Skills and Abilities Requirements:
•Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work with a wide range of constituencies
•Strong skills as a facilitative leader, individual and team coach, and relationship/asset based community organizing
•Experience with Results Based Accountability and outcome focused planning
•Flexible, creative, self-motivated and demonstrated problem solving and strategic decision-making skills
•Knowledgeable about communities across the metropolitan Atlanta region, local assets and needs (this may exclude some people outside of metro)
•Knowledgeable and experienced in change management and implementation technology

Send Resumes: ATTN: Community Organizing Director, Zones
United Way Metro Atlanta, 100 Edgewood Avenue, NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

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