Monday, November 7, 2011

Social Media Writer, Sephora, San Francisco, CA

Social Media Writer
San Francisco, CA 

Job Requirements 

Beauty editorial and/or Retail editorial experience preferred, but non-beauty/retail experience at elevated/high-end advertising agencies and design firms also OK.

Sephora Inc. is seeking a full-time social media writer in its San Francisco Digital/Creative Marketing office. Responsibilities include:

* Writing copy for Sephora's key marketing initiatives through social media
* Helping to concept and develop high-end/elevated editorial themes and ideas to support social media initiatives
* Collaborating with brands, digital and marketing managers, and merchant teams to understand and execute business objectives
* Covering the beauty world to help create engaging and elevated social media coverage
* Reporting backstage at New York Fashion Week to communicate seasonal trends to marketing and digital teams
* Establishing and maintaining valuable industry contacts with brands, publicists and industry experts

Please send resume and clips (with SF Social Media Writer in the subject line) to

Local applicants preferred, but we encourage qualified applicants from elsewhere to apply (and we will absolutely consider them.)

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