Monday, February 22, 2010

Airport Art Internship Program, San Diego County Regional Airport

Airport Art Program Intern

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (the Authority) year-round intern program is designed to expose college-level students to the wide variety of careers available in the aviation industry, while providing a forum for personal and educational enrichment, teamwork and problem solving.

Year-round internship program is offered during the summer, fall, and winter/spring semesters with a maximum of twenty (20) hours per week authorized during the academic school year and up to thirty-five (35) hours per week during summer and school holidays depending on departmental needs.

Examples of Duties:
The objective of this internship will be to assist Public, Community & Customer Relations Airport Art Program in various projects and initiatives.

Project 1:Art Program Website Design
Develop primary content and photos for the new Airport Art Program website.

Project 2: Quarterly Art E-Newsletter Development
Conduct research and develop a user-friendly quarterly newsletter template with social media interface for the Art Program.

Project 3: Collection Management Database
Develop a collection management interface using File-Maker Pro to create standard digital form(s) for entering data concerning, public art collection, document dates of accession/deaccession, record registry and archival data, record regular and major maintenance, record treatment reports and photographs.

Project 4: Cultural Plan Development
Collaborate with Cultural Planning consultant to conduct research and develop new art program policy and guidelines. To ensure the Authority is consistent with industry standards in its administration aesthetic practices and arts programming.

Minimum Qualifications:
Minimum Qualifications:

1. Students currently enrolled in at least twelve (12) units at an
accredited college may qualify.
2. Students in their final semester or quarter who need less than full-
time enrollment to graduate with four (4) year degree need only be
enrolled part-time in courses required for degree completion.
3. Educational major must be related to area of interest.

***Licenses; Certificates; Special Requirements:
Your application will not be considered without an attached copy of your transcript.

Supplemental Information:

Knowledge of:

1. Basic knowledge of a discipline that is considered valuable to the
2. Computer equipment and software applications related to

Ability to:
1. Maintain work related records and prepare reports using a computer.
2. Read and interpret typical business correspondence, reports and/or
department policies.
3. Follow either written or oral instructions.
4. Work the schedule assigned.
5. Arrive and be ready for assignments on time.
6. Present ideas in a clear and effective manner.
7. Coordinate multiple activities.
8. Use initiative and judgment within established guidelines.
9. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
10.Establish and maintain effective working relationships with
managers, supervisors, staff, customers, the public and others
encountered in the course of work.
11.Work with various cultural and ethnic groups in a tactful and effective manner.

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