Friday, January 22, 2010

Marketing Intern, FIGO Pasta (Atlanta, Ga.)

Marketing Intern - FIGO Pasta
As a marketing intern, you will work with the marketing coordinator and perform a variety of tasks, some of which may include the following:
  • Assist in communicating with PR/Marketing Firm
  • Assist in communicating with Designer for all design needs
  • Assist in communicating with all third parties
  • Assist in communicating with the managers of each location about all activities at each store
  • Assist in coordination of all activities
  • Assist in implementing all activities that have been approved
  • Assist in monitoring all marketing activities and generating activity reports
  • Assist in coordinating and supervising activities that have to be performed directly by location managers

Please send resumes and cover letters to Sandro Romagnoli at

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