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CSPAN Spring 2010 Internships

< a href="">CSPAN, the cable channel dedicated to politics, also offers summer 2010 internships. 

Position Synopsis: 

You must be currently pursuing a bachelor's degree to be considered for an internship. First priority is given to rising juniors and seniors. This is an upaid internship.
C-SPAN interns arrive from colleges and universities worldwide with majors ranging from political science and communications to marketing and American studies. Intern classes are small, between 1 to 4 students per department, providing an opportunity for a hands-on, real-life experience. Interns also have an opportunity to interact with interns from other departments at events and discussions, including a Q&A with CEO and founder Brian Lamb.

Why intern at C-SPAN?
The C-SPAN Internship Program seeks to utilize the talents and education of students like yourself who are interested in communications and politics. During your internship you will become familiar with the workings of a cable television network and you'll get a front row seat to the political process.

What will I do?
You will assist in research, writing and/or production for a specific unit or department, detailed below. This may include learning aspects of print and video production; technical, promotional and public relations techniques or program production.

Depending on your interests you can:
-Make Hill runs to research and collect information;
-Learn camera and audio techniques, and the technical and logistical requirements for field production;
-Assist in public relations and marketing;
-Help develop a daily schedule and coordinate elements for on-air production;
-Learn about business and sales trends in the cable industry;
-Take part in our community outreach programs and the C- SPAN Buses;
-Get involved in the development of online technology.

Why is an internship at C-SPAN for you? You can:
-Gain media experience through a structured program in the nation's capital;
-Explore facets of the cable industry and politics;
-Learn new skills in production, public relations, marketing and more;
-Earn college credit;
-Get a close-up view of Capitol Hill.

How To Apply? Are you...
-An undergraduate junior or senior?
-Interning for college credit?
-Interested in the media and politics?
-Able to work a minimum of 16 hours per week?

If you answered yes to the above criteria, submit a resume and cover letter below. State which department(s) interests you and specify spring, summer or fall semester. Because cover letters and resumes are processed as we receive them, please plan ahead and submit your materials at the earliest possible date. Our internships are non-paid and you must provide your own housing.

The Departments

1. Marketing: Marketing department interns will serve in one of these areas:

  • C-SPAN Civics Buses: Visits schools, colleges, book festivals and other public events. These 45-foot long mobile multi-media demonstration centers are equipped with TV production units that can be used as studios during live programs, such as C-SPAN's Washington Journal. Students, authors, journalists, and national leaders have been interviewed aboard the Buses.
  • Education Relations: Helps teachers use C-SPAN programming in their teaching or research through the resources available from C-SPAN Classroom.
  • Media Relations: Provides C-SPAN programming and special projects information to national and local news outlets to generate press coverage.

2. Programming: C-SPAN’s programming department includes the following units, which choose, research, shoot and produce the programming for the networks:

  • Book TV: Every weekend, all weekend long, Book TV brings viewers the latest nonfiction books and authors in biography, history, current events, the media, and more.
  • Field Production: Handles audio, lighting and camera operation for events that take place in Washington or on the road and executes set-up and breakdown of equipment.
  • Program Producers: Develop specific live and taped public affairs programs that air on C-SPAN and C-SPAN2. These programs include Washington Journal, international programming, politics and special projects.

3. Programming Operations: This department is responsible for getting C-SPAN’s product on the air. The editorial, technical, and information systems staff work closely together to ensure quality, balanced programming.

  • Editorial: Develops the daily schedule, tracks House and Senate floor debate, and coordinates elements for the final programming that airs on C-SPAN. Script writing, voice-overs, and writing and choosing Capital News headlines are just some of the responsibilities of this unit.
  • Technical: Works around the clock and is responsible for all the technical aspects of getting C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 on air 24 hours-a-day, including program direction, master control, camera operation, lighting and sound, editing, and on-air promotions.

4. Information Systems: Responsible for C-SPAN's information technology infrastructure, including local and wide area networks, servers and desktops and all commercial and custom applications.

5. New Media Develops and implements our strategies in the areas of online services, audio products and other developing technologies.

6. C-SPAN Radio Broadcasts a mix of daily programs similar in style to those found on the C-SPAN television networks, including congressional hearings, speeches, debates and forum discussions.

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