Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internship, Reconnecting Families, Cobb County (Available Now)

Reconnecting Families

Reconnecting Families, Inc is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization in Marietta, GA. The office I
located in the Juvenile Court building and a background screening is required for the position.

What is Reconnecting Families:

Reconnecting Families partners with the Cobb County community, court system and academic sector to provide prevention programs and treatment to offset the impact of drug addiction on the lives of children, teens and families. We blend accountability with treatment services to ensure that families succeed together in healthy, positive ways. Our goal is to assist families in living safe and sober lives by providing educational opportunities, prevention services, in-home therapy, and parenting programs to enhance family unity. Our website is: www.reconnectingfamilies.org and our blog is: reconnectingfamiliescobbcounty.blogspot.com


We are searching for an inventive and self motivated intern who is willing to take over the social media aspect of the non-profit. This includes Facebook, blogging, and all other areas. The intern should feel comfortable bringing new ideas and creativity to the project. An intern might be asked to help with fundraising efforts in marketing as well as administrative areas. An office can be provided on site, or interns might be allowed to work from home.

Brin Black
Executive Director
Reconnecting Families, Inc

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