Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ATL Volunteer Opportunity, Online Researcher/Social Media Intern for the Women's Employment Opportunity Project, Inc. (WEOP)

Women’s Employment Opportunity Project, Inc. seeks a motivated and innovative online researcher/ social media intern with an intermediate to advance understanding of online communication and outreach. Their main focus will be to find new, exciting and innovative information about economic issues specifically affecting women. This will include information on local community outreach programs, current market trends, statics and demographic information, etc. The intern must have a strong interest in issues affecting women in the community.
Their other main focus will be to provide online marketing, promotions and communications for the organization through internet outlets including facebook, website updates, twitter, word press, you tube, etc. The intern will need to be aware of emerging social media trends and be able to brainstorm innovative ways to promote the organization. They will assist the office by providing recommendations/ pioneering solutions for communication outreach initiatives and website development. This position is a part-time, unpaid internship of approximately 8 to 12 hours a week, with a flexible schedule to be decided by the needs of both the applicant and the organization.

Julie Waheed
Project Manager

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