Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pro-Bono Strategic Communications Firm Seeks Summer Interns (Virtual Internship – 10 Hours Per Week with Flexible Schedule)

Pro-Bono Strategic Communications Firm Seeks Summer Interns (Virtual Internship – 10 Hours Per Week with Flexible Schedule)


IdealPolitik, a pro-bono strategic communications firm for non-profits, seeks summer interns to assist on a variety of client projects. For example, interns may be responsible for writing press releases and doing media pitches to the blogosphere and to traditional media outlets. In addition, they may be asked to do some competitive landscape research, market research, and/or other writing tasks. As with any internship, IdealPolitik is interested in giving the team of interns a rich and rewarding experience, exposing them to the nuances of the communications, media and non-profit worlds. Interns may be asked to wear multiple hats and are encouraged to pursue fields and projects that interest them in addition to the ones for which they are hired. Note: This is not a full-time internship. Interns are expected to work 10 hours/week with flexibility. It’s the perfect opportunity for students who already have full-time or part-time summer internships or jobs, and are looking to supplement their experience with something different and fun!

The range of possible clients/projects include:

-An international NGO focused on water security in the developing world, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. This organization is dedicated to the dissemination of tools that make it easier for people living in regions with little access to water to carry water more easily and efficiently than via previous methods. (1 person)

-An education-focused non-profit, based in New York City, that focuses on nurturing a love for science in underprivileged youth by giving them a hands-on science experience in a university-grade laboratory. (1 person)

-A community development organization, based in Mali and New York, that works with the citizens of a slum in the capital of Mali to provide various community health and empowerment services. (1 person)

-A DC based Think-Tank with chapters in universities across the country, focused on heightening the level of policy debate (particularly among students) and provide high quality, intelligent proscriptions for some of society's biggest problems. (1 person)

Who Are We?

In the marketplace of ideas, too many important causes lack a voice. Through strategic communications, IdealPolitik aims to level the playing field and further the mission of non-profits with little resources and big ideas. We are committed to delivering services regardless of our clients' financial means to transform them into agents of change. A coherent communications strategy helps a non-profit to attract donors, promote its cause, grow, and ultimately, to devote greater resources to its programs.

IdealPolitik’s goal is to cultivate a network of talented, intelligent, young professionals who are passionate about using the skills they have developed to further the cause of organizations in need. We currently have a staff of 40 volunteers who work remotely across the US on a wide range of clients.

The organization also offers members a variety of professional development opportunities. We serve seven clients and have already had several initial successes, including a number of national media placements.

We offer a variety of services that include:

Strategic Communications:

· The development of marketing plans

· Messaging and framing

· Talking point development

· Public Relations (including writing of press releases, pitching, and media relations)

· Branding (including brand strategy and narrative and naming)

· Media training

· Graphic design

· Web design

· Social media strategy implementation

· Search engine optimization

· Collateral material development

· Speechwriting

Strategic Planning:

· Business plan/organizational development

· Market research

· Fundraising

· Event management

IdealPolitik was founded by a Brown University graduate who brought together seven other Brown alums who share common ideals and the desire to provide fledgling non-profits with the tools necessary to carry out their missions.

-Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
-Energetic, hard-working, and enthusiastic team player
-Flexible, resourceful, and persistent change agent
-Creative, imaginative, and innovative problem solver
-Principled leader with high ethical standards

-A passion to learn what you don’t know
-Students with an interest in or experience with New Media are particularly encouraged to apply
-Some experience pitching to media outlets a plus, but not required.

*As we are a fully virtual organization, all interns work remotely.

Please send a resume and a brief cover letter to As positions are available for Summer 2010, applications are rolling but preferred by May 1st, 2010.

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