Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Upscale Internship

Dear College Administrators and Students:

We are pleased to announce the commencement of the interview process for the Summer 2010 internship program, which will begins in late May. This internship is approximately a 14 to 16 week session that will offer matriculating students and recent graduates of 12 months or less the opportunity to work in the fast-paced, very exciting publishing world while learning the basic operations of publishing a national magazine. Interns enrolled in this program will be assigned duties within the Entertainment, Lifestyle, Beauty and Style, Business and News, or Graphic Departments.
We are seeking students who are proficient in grammar and have strong writing or graphic design skills. Experience working for school newspapers or other publications is a plus. Journalism, English and Graphic Design majors are particularly desirable, but other majors are also considered.

Interested students should submit to my attention a cover letter, résumé and contact information to the email address below. Materials may also be faxed to 404-758-9892. No student will be accepted into the program without a recommendation from a current or former professor, which will be due within two weeks of the student’s acceptance into the program. Students are encouraged to identify a supporter now.
As our internship program does offer credit hours for matriculating students, interns are obligated to fulfill a minimum of 14 hours per week to receive credit. If hours are not completed, credit will NOT be offered. Students not actively enrolled in classes do not qualify for our program.
Interviews will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week of April 19th at 10:30 a.m. at the UPSCALE editorial office at the address below. Students should call Marcia Evans at 404-758-7467 ext. 10 or email her at to reserve a slot. Please copy me at

Interns chosen for the program are required to provide official paperwork from their prospective universities, which will act as documentation of their enrollment and completion of our program. Such documentation is usually in the form of an evaluation, typically completed at the end of the semester/quarter by the internship coordinator or an immediate supervisor.

We appreciate your sharing this invitation with all interested parties. If you have any questions, I may be reached by phone or email, both listed below.

Thank you for your interest in UPSCALE magazine.


LaConia Jenkins Dean | Associate Editor


600 Bronner Brothers Way

Atlanta, Georgia 30310


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