Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interactive Media, Business Communications Internship Position: Georgia Department of Economic Development

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD)
Business Communications Division
Terms and Conditions of Employment
Dates of Internship: January through May, 2010 (flexible)
Supervisor: Carla Plouin, Director, Business Communications
Duties: See attached

Work Hours: Full time, 40 hours/week.
8:30 am through 5:30 pm or 8:00 am through 5:00 pm
Lunch and Breaks: Full-time interns must take a lunch period of a minimum 30 minutes and up to one hour. Up to two 15 minute breaks (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) may be granted for interns working full (8 hour) days.

Person to call if late or absent: Intern supervisor

Compensation: No monetary compensation; course credit where applicable

Dress Code: GDEcD’s dress code is business or business casual. Dress slacks/skirts with dress shirts/blouses and jackets are preferred, but khaki-type pants and sweaters are also acceptable. Note that denim, T-shirts with printed slogans/logos or other printed advertisements, patterns or text (concert, travel or event t-shirts, etc.), tennis or other athletic shoes, flip-flops and other similar casual attire is not permitted unless approved in advance for a special circumstance.

Function of Agency
GDEcD is the state’s sales and marketing arm, the lead agency for attracting new business investment, encouraging the expansion of existing industry and small businesses, locating new markets for Georgia products, attracting tourists to Georgia, and promoting the state as a location for film, video and digital entertainment projects, as well as planning and mobilizing state resources for economic development.

The Agency represent the state’s marketing, communications and economic development efforts worldwide through its work with Georgia’s 10 international representation offices, participation in international trade shows, bilateral cooperation agreements, and hosting and organizing business missions in-state and abroad.

Practical Experience Gained from Internship
The intern will apply and develop principles learned in college through practical hands-on work assignments in online marketing, social media, international marketing, international protocol, and overall international business acumen.

Upon successful completion the intern will gain valuable experience reporting and measuring media campaigns, hone their multitasking and project management skills all while building a strong portfolio that demonstrates their ability to implement diverse multimedia techniques.

Duties of Intern and Desired Qualifications

This posting is for one internship position to cover international and domestic business communications. The intern will assist with online and viral marketing, social media development, and supporting with daily site maintenance for the Business Communications Division.

The intern should be computer savvy and have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS and WYSIWYG programs such as Dreamweaver. Knowledge of Adobe Premiere, Javascript languages or programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and Flash is a bonus.

The intern will participate in the development of the team’s marketing tools, such as producing online collateral pieces, and newsletters. Other projects may include research, updating documents for new format and design, and helping to implement new processes.

The ideal candidates will be working towards a degree in web development/management, multimedia, online advertising or a closely related field, be highly responsible and reliable, and have a high degree of self-initiative. Microsoft Office proficiency required.

Send resume and letter of interest to Natalie White at nwhite (at) georgia (dot) org.

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